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Mendips - Aunt Mimi's House
Mendips - Aunt Mimi's House

2 Hour Beatles tour

3 hour Beatles tour

Penny Lane Roundabout - an essential on any Liverpool Beatles Tours
Penny Lane Roundabout

Beatles tours in Liverpool? All of our Beatles tours visit: Ringo’s childhood homes; Penny Lane; George Harrison’s childhood home; John Lennon’s home at “Mendips”; Paul McCartney’s childhood home at 20, Forthlin Road; St. Peter’s where John and Paul met; Strawberry Field and the Cavern Club. 

On the 3 hour tour, you get more time to explore these locations.

4 HOur beatles tour

5 hour beatles tour

Visit The Casbah Coffee Club on 4 hour Beatles tours or longer
The Casbah Coffee Club

If you want to discover more about The Beatles’ Liverpool, then our most popular tour is the 4 hour Beatles tour. With this tour you have the option of visiting The Casbah Coffee Club, Strawberry Field Exhibit or The Beatles Story.

With the 5 hour Beatles tour, you have the option to visit two of The Casbah, The Beatles Story and Strawberry Field,

or the National Trust Childhood Homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney (subject to the time of year).

Our most popular beatles tours in liverpool: The All Day Beatles tour

John Lennon's home Mendips, which you can go inside on our all day tours
John Lennon's home Mendips

On our All Day Tour, you will visit all of the popular places, as well as the National Trust childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, The Casbah Coffee Club and  

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